Thank you for visiting my website. I’ve just started working on it so it might not be impressive yet.

Few words about myself:

My name is Kasia, I’m Polish but I live in Birmingham, UK.
I’ve been doing soutache for over 6 years. Once my friend showed me soutache earrings made by her sister. I looked at them and said: Damn, I can do it! My husband had convinced me I should have tried. He said “You’ve always been good in all this manual work, you can sew, knit, crochet, make origami. I’m more than sure you’ll succeed in soutache – just try”. So I did.

I create jewellery because I like doing something unique, I like when everything suits and sometimes when things that seem not to be matched with each others finally create something beautiful. I’m happy when people likes my work.

Check BLOG for latest news about my works.
I’ll be presenting here all items designed and made by myself – starting from now.

If you like my workmanship and you want me to design and make something just for you use CONTACT or drop an e-mail to emkajewellery@hotmail.com 

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